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This website is a personal project. It contains (part of) my comic collection. The information is public but it is not a public site in that way that anyone can add his collection or so. Perhaps I will add that feature in the future, but I believe there are already several websites where you can keep your collection.
However, the reason for me to create my own system is that the existing comic websites didn't/don't give me the exact features I want, e.g. for creating proper want lists which I can print to take to comic fairs or flea markets.
My plan is also to create a mobile app for Android with which I can connect to my database/want list. But at the moment that's a far future plan.

At a certain point in time, it might be that I put soms comics for sale/trade on the website. A want list probably will become public too. Many ideas, but since it's purely a hobby, it will take some time to grow.

If you are still interested in talking about comics, have questions about the website, trade/sell/buy comics, perhaps have some ideas to contribute, you can always reach me via the contact form (English or Dutch).